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Poison Idea was right about record collectors…

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Jamie’ birthday was mind-blowing. Best OUTLAW LOVERS show I have ever seen. The addition of Erik & Roger has really taken the band over the top. Their new record is going to smoke. They ended it with raging covers of Slade & Misfits.
Speaking of those boys, they will be playing RECORD STORE DAY 2010 at THE GROOVE! And you know who else will be appearing with THE OUTLAW LOVERS? Only one of my top ten all-time celebrity crushes – EMMYLOU HARRIS!!!

Other bands will be jamming out there too. HANS CONDOR (who are supposedly to be in talks with Long Gone John of SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY), DANIEL PUJOL, CHRIS CROFTON & THE ALCOHOL STUNTBAND, as well as the talented/beautiful TRISTEN.

On the other side of the Cumberland River, the good folks at GRIMEY’S will be balls-deep in some  events too. The new young guns of Music City, BOWS & ARROWS will be appearing with a new 7″, along with DANIEL PUJOL and a few other local favorites. Grimey’s has been honored to be one of only ten record shops in the U.S. to have ther own cover for the new FUCKED UP – Daytrotter Session 7″. Get on that before the eBay gold-diggers beat you to the punch.

This is, for Benjamin & I, sort of like Christmas in Spring. Here are a few of the other items that will be hot off the pressing plant: ELVIS COSTELLO – Live at Hollywood High 7″,  the John Lennon singles box set, VELVET UNDERGROUND – Live 1969 LP, SONIC YOUTH reissues, a split 7″ for THE CRIBS/THE THERMALS, and a 10″ single from SPRINGSTEEN! Get out and support independent record stores before they are all gone.

I will be in Pennsylvania for the Launch Music Conference, so I will be at record stores up there. If you think of it, get me that Grimey’s exclusive cover 7″…

We are still alive….

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Well… sort of… Not much has been going on with CWS in the past couple of months. We DJed the opening at Blackbird Gallery for Ms. Lisa DuBrock. I discovered that playing 45s at 33rpm can be a lot of fun. For me, if not for the crowd.
Last weekend Foobar had a special guest DJ that put me to shame. Greg Cartwright (of The Oblivians/Reigning Sounds) spun hours and hours of hot, obscure soul. The man is a garage legend. The Outlaw Lovers LP reminds me a lot of “Time Bomb High School.” After his set, I got his address to send him a copy of the LP. According to the USPS, he got it today.
Speaking of 45s & organ-layered garage punk, I have been recording a solo single. I am going to do a small run of them, hopefully to be out by summer. As soon as I get it all done, I’ll post it all online for free.
Segueing to the subject of “Summer”, Chaos in Tejas has leaped to the top of the “Things I need to do” list of 2010. Austin will be descended upon by thousands of punkers all there to catch rare appearances by Bastard (Japan), Poison Idea, Subhumad (UK), Crow (Japan) Leatherface & Marked Men. Rumor has it that there MIGHT be a reunion by Talk is Poison too. The 5 day passes are all sold out already. Get on it, if you want to go!

Keep on truckin’.

Recent playlist:
Teengenerate – Get Action
Gentlemen Jesse & His Men – S/T
Neil Young – S/T
Marked Men – She Won’t Know b/w Nothing’s Changed
Angel Witch – S/T
Wipers – Is This Real?