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It’s hard to keep cool in this Tennessee heat…

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If you’re into dark, synth-driven pop music (which is a no-brainer for the two of us) you need to listen to my new jams. It’s called COLD CAVE and you need to get down with it.
Also, if you missed sunday night’s party at the Blackbird Gallery, here’s a few shots of the good times you missed (courtesy of the good people at Blackbird.)











That should teach you to never mis a CWS endorsed event…

It’s been a long hot Summer….

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This weekend was awesome. The Death show went really well. I looked like a gangster. Benjamin looked like himself. Scandals were made and wine flowed like white water.
Last night was TERRIFIC! The models looked incredible and the tunes were off the chain. Made some new friends and (we hope) new enemies. There’s plenty of photos & videos out there on the web, should you want to see a girl from “Make Me A Supermodel” painted up all fancy-like. I even got out in time to catch Awesome Color play some sweet neo-psych at The End.

And don’t forget about this…
sundayshakesaug2009As Summer starts to wind down, we have one last night of hot, sweaty dancing to do.

Also, if you saw our last post about the Gay Ice Cream Truckers of NYC, you may have noticed a similarity to a certain Eisner Award-winning Nashvillian…