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Video Days

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By now I am sure you have seen the email blast and billboard campaigns for the new Cannomen record we are putting out this Spring. The 7″ has almost everything recorded. Josh still has to go in and do his vocals. But I have heard the recordings and they are great. If you’re into Adolescents, Circle Jerks or Wipers, you are about to have your cranium blown. If you’re not familiar with these Nashville ragers, make it happen. They have 3 demo cassettes out, the new Sex on the Bleach 7″ (Fat Sandwich Records), and last year’s Black Hole 7″ (Flat Black Records.)

Here’s a set that Cannomen played last Monday night:

Cannomen at Little Hamilton

So we are going to press the self-titled 7″. No word on exactly when, but we will keep you posted. You’ll see the commercial during the Super Bowl.

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