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So blogs… Yeah… They’re everywhere. Here are a few with whom I have been getting busy.

If you have been any part of DIY hardcore/punk in the past decade, you have probably run across Robert Collins. He writes for MRR. He tours with bands from all over the world. And that doesn’t even count the insane rock resume that he has acquired. This blog is ALL CASSETTE. As if the man didn’t have enough street cred, Dick from SUBHUMANS/CITIZEN FISH gave Mr. Collins a huge collection of tapes. Demos. Tape comps. Even people’s mix tapes. From UK82 punk to snotty garage to darkwave postpunk, Terminal Escape is all killer, no filler.

Nate Wilson is another man who needs no introduction to the underground community. The Gloom Records founder wants to help you out an all the super-rare albums that you are looking for on eBay. His blog is from his own collection. Its mostly thrash, punk, NWOBHM, grind, & crust. The records span the globe, but they are heavy on NY and the Bay Area. If you don’t have the Bastard discography CD, download that first. You need it.

First, they named it after a Dicks song. Benjamin & I have hade a few conversations about how one of our Holy Grail record finds would be the Dicks/Big Boys Live at Raul’s double 7″ – and how if one of us found it, the other would probably commit murder and theft. KFTH has been around for quite a while, adding info about obscure underground rock. Wanna know the difference between Jerry’s Kids (MA) and Jerry’s Kidz (AZ)? This is the place to check it out. Discographies and histories of bands from around the world.

Comic nerds (like myself) generally have an affinity for all things geeky, as they relate to pop culture. This is why so many stores carry both comic books AND records. Agent M works for Marvel (read: Disney), but don’t let that keep you away. His blog from today features a GIANT model head of David Lynch.

Run by Mr. Ben Todd and a small group of locals, this blog keeps you up to date on Nashville rock a la JEFF the Brotherhood, Natural Child, Cy Barkley, Daniel Pujol, Infinity Cat Records, etc. Sure, you could also do this just by drinking a beer at Cy’s place for 15 minutes, but that would take away from the mystique of a blog.

And don’t forget our DJing gig at the art show. Sunday, March 28th – 6pm til ??? @ Blackbird Gallery in the 12 South district.

Recent jams include (but are not limited to…)
- From Ashes Rise: Live Hell LP
- Funeral Oration: 1983 Demo
- The Kingsmen: Volume III LP

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