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Video Days

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By now I am sure you have seen the email blast and billboard campaigns for the new Cannomen record we are putting out this Spring. The 7″ has almost everything recorded. Josh still has to go in and do his vocals. But I have heard the recordings and they are great. If you’re into Adolescents, Circle Jerks or Wipers, you are about to have your cranium blown. If you’re not familiar with these Nashville ragers, make it happen. They have 3 demo cassettes out, the new Sex on the Bleach 7″ (Fat Sandwich Records), and last year’s Black Hole 7″ (Flat Black Records.)

Here’s a set that Cannomen played last Monday night:

Cannomen at Little Hamilton

So we are going to press the self-titled 7″. No word on exactly when, but we will keep you posted. You’ll see the commercial during the Super Bowl.

Perhaps you have forgotten us…

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OK. Quick update since you haven’t heard from us in a while.
1. We are still a record label. We are putting out CWS002 this Spring. It’s seven inches of ballistic punk from our buddies in Cannomen. They just put out their 2nd EP and 3rd demo tape. Go get both of them. As for the CWS release, I heard the rough tracks. I am really proud that we have a small hand in this band. If you like Minor Threat, Adolescents or Wipers, be on the lookout for CWS002.
2. Benjamin is now DJing on Wednesday Nights at FooBar in East Nashville. He’s joining Jason McDonald, spinning records from 10pm-3am. Stop by. Great drink specials.

Transmission out.

Poison Idea was right about record collectors…

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Jamie’ birthday was mind-blowing. Best OUTLAW LOVERS show I have ever seen. The addition of Erik & Roger has really taken the band over the top. Their new record is going to smoke. They ended it with raging covers of Slade & Misfits.
Speaking of those boys, they will be playing RECORD STORE DAY 2010 at THE GROOVE! And you know who else will be appearing with THE OUTLAW LOVERS? Only one of my top ten all-time celebrity crushes – EMMYLOU HARRIS!!!

Other bands will be jamming out there too. HANS CONDOR (who are supposedly to be in talks with Long Gone John of SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY), DANIEL PUJOL, CHRIS CROFTON & THE ALCOHOL STUNTBAND, as well as the talented/beautiful TRISTEN.

On the other side of the Cumberland River, the good folks at GRIMEY’S will be balls-deep in some  events too. The new young guns of Music City, BOWS & ARROWS will be appearing with a new 7″, along with DANIEL PUJOL and a few other local favorites. Grimey’s has been honored to be one of only ten record shops in the U.S. to have ther own cover for the new FUCKED UP – Daytrotter Session 7″. Get on that before the eBay gold-diggers beat you to the punch.

This is, for Benjamin & I, sort of like Christmas in Spring. Here are a few of the other items that will be hot off the pressing plant: ELVIS COSTELLO – Live at Hollywood High 7″,  the John Lennon singles box set, VELVET UNDERGROUND – Live 1969 LP, SONIC YOUTH reissues, a split 7″ for THE CRIBS/THE THERMALS, and a 10″ single from SPRINGSTEEN! Get out and support independent record stores before they are all gone.

I will be in Pennsylvania for the Launch Music Conference, so I will be at record stores up there. If you think of it, get me that Grimey’s exclusive cover 7″…

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It’s Jamie Mechan’s birthday. Come celebrate it with us. His band – THE OUTLAW LOVERS – will be playing at Foobar with HANS CONDOR and CY BARKLEY. Free gig.

Blog Mosh

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So blogs… Yeah… They’re everywhere. Here are a few with whom I have been getting busy.

If you have been any part of DIY hardcore/punk in the past decade, you have probably run across Robert Collins. He writes for MRR. He tours with bands from all over the world. And that doesn’t even count the insane rock resume that he has acquired. This blog is ALL CASSETTE. As if the man didn’t have enough street cred, Dick from SUBHUMANS/CITIZEN FISH gave Mr. Collins a huge collection of tapes. Demos. Tape comps. Even people’s mix tapes. From UK82 punk to snotty garage to darkwave postpunk, Terminal Escape is all killer, no filler.

Nate Wilson is another man who needs no introduction to the underground community. The Gloom Records founder wants to help you out an all the super-rare albums that you are looking for on eBay. His blog is from his own collection. Its mostly thrash, punk, NWOBHM, grind, & crust. The records span the globe, but they are heavy on NY and the Bay Area. If you don’t have the Bastard discography CD, download that first. You need it.

First, they named it after a Dicks song. Benjamin & I have hade a few conversations about how one of our Holy Grail record finds would be the Dicks/Big Boys Live at Raul’s double 7″ – and how if one of us found it, the other would probably commit murder and theft. KFTH has been around for quite a while, adding info about obscure underground rock. Wanna know the difference between Jerry’s Kids (MA) and Jerry’s Kidz (AZ)? This is the place to check it out. Discographies and histories of bands from around the world.

Comic nerds (like myself) generally have an affinity for all things geeky, as they relate to pop culture. This is why so many stores carry both comic books AND records. Agent M works for Marvel (read: Disney), but don’t let that keep you away. His blog from today features a GIANT model head of David Lynch.

Run by Mr. Ben Todd and a small group of locals, this blog keeps you up to date on Nashville rock a la JEFF the Brotherhood, Natural Child, Cy Barkley, Daniel Pujol, Infinity Cat Records, etc. Sure, you could also do this just by drinking a beer at Cy’s place for 15 minutes, but that would take away from the mystique of a blog.

And don’t forget our DJing gig at the art show. Sunday, March 28th – 6pm til ??? @ Blackbird Gallery in the 12 South district.

Recent jams include (but are not limited to…)
- From Ashes Rise: Live Hell LP
- Funeral Oration: 1983 Demo
- The Kingsmen: Volume III LP

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This was a hard few weeks for the CWS camp. First, we were both sick with whatever lung-based plague is going around. Just when things stared getting back to normal with our ability to breathe, we got hit with two brick-loads of bad news. On St. Patrick’s Day, we heard that power pop icon Alex Chilton had passed. We were both big fans. Our first & only release on our label even featured a Big Star cover. He was only 59. Sad news for anyone who loves good music.

The second came the next morning, when I heard that Bruce Roehrs had died. The long-time Maximum Rocknroll contributor and working class hero was 60 years old! I had just read his latest column this week. Even at a grandfatherly age, he was still the torch bearer for bare-knuckle, blue collar punk. There will certainly be a void left within MRR and punk as a whole

There were good things too. The Preds are on a tear, looking to end the season in a pretty sweet playoff spot. Benjamin went to Chicago to see SHELLAC and THE EX (for a second time.) I have been studying time travel theories, watching sports and taking cold meds like I am trying out for NEUROSIS. Lots of good shows coming to Nashville soon too. This list includes Gentleman Jesse & His Men, King Khan & The Shrines, Smoke or Fire, as well as several other bands with conjunctions in the name. On top of all this, evidently some members of Congress thought it was necessary for sick people to actually get health care.

On Sunday, we will be spinning records at the BLACKBIRD GALLERY. The event is an opening for SINCERELY, KB. The artist, kB, will be on hand. Snacks & drinks will also be on hand. Benjamin & I will be joined on the turntables by long-time collaborator JENNA SHO’NUFF and new-comer WILLIAM TYLER of SILVER JEWS/LAMBCHOP/PAPER HATS fame. William will be fresh back from playing BIG EARS in Knoxville, TN with THE EX and a bunch of other indie rock bands that I don’t like as much as THE EX.

There are a lot of cool records coming out right now. If you can’t wait for the new FUCKED UP 7” on Record Store Day, you can get the new double-disc comp of singles and rarities from Matador. “Couple Tracks” has 25 tracks from 2002 until 2008. It serves the same purpose that “Epics in Minutes” served several years back. This is the best way to get all of these songs without typing “media fire” into a Google search or spending a few hundred bucks on eBay. It is no secret that I love Fucked Up. From the early singles to the last LP, I dig what they do. While not every song on this comp is essential, it’s interesting to see how they progressed from the POISON IDEA-meets-BLITZ punk through the 70s power-pop/hardcore hybrid to the scattered postpunk that they are now. The liner notes are full of self-deprecating hilarity.

Matador also just released the new TED LEO & THE PHARMACISTS record. “The Brutalist Bricks” is a step away from Leo’s normal pattern. I really don’t like it as much as I did his older stuff. “Shake the Sheets” is one of my favorite records of the past decade, but the new one is just ok. Occasional great tracks snuck in between a olio of descent tunes. I was sort of disappointed.

After a half-decade hiatus, FROM ASHES RISE have emerged from their Pacific Northwestern cave for a few shows. To celebrate this metal-punk resurrection, Jade Tree has released the Live Hell LP. The recording is from a 2005 show, when the FAR boys were out with OBSERVERS & PAINT IT BLACK. I still hate myself for not seeing that tour. The record captures the loud Mesa Boogie mayhem as it was intended – noisy, dark and ferocious. I still say that they are one of the best live punk bands ever – and I saw them no less than 20 times. Do yourself a favor and pick up this rager. The LPs are limited, he iTunes are limitless, and no one will buy the CD version anyway. My pre-order came with a woven patch. Pretty classy.
That’s about it for now. I am moving and I am poor, so I may need you to buy me a beer.
Take care and see you at the bar.

We are still alive….

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Well… sort of… Not much has been going on with CWS in the past couple of months. We DJed the opening at Blackbird Gallery for Ms. Lisa DuBrock. I discovered that playing 45s at 33rpm can be a lot of fun. For me, if not for the crowd.
Last weekend Foobar had a special guest DJ that put me to shame. Greg Cartwright (of The Oblivians/Reigning Sounds) spun hours and hours of hot, obscure soul. The man is a garage legend. The Outlaw Lovers LP reminds me a lot of “Time Bomb High School.” After his set, I got his address to send him a copy of the LP. According to the USPS, he got it today.
Speaking of 45s & organ-layered garage punk, I have been recording a solo single. I am going to do a small run of them, hopefully to be out by summer. As soon as I get it all done, I’ll post it all online for free.
Segueing to the subject of “Summer”, Chaos in Tejas has leaped to the top of the “Things I need to do” list of 2010. Austin will be descended upon by thousands of punkers all there to catch rare appearances by Bastard (Japan), Poison Idea, Subhumad (UK), Crow (Japan) Leatherface & Marked Men. Rumor has it that there MIGHT be a reunion by Talk is Poison too. The 5 day passes are all sold out already. Get on it, if you want to go!

Keep on truckin’.

Recent playlist:
Teengenerate – Get Action
Gentlemen Jesse & His Men – S/T
Neil Young – S/T
Marked Men – She Won’t Know b/w Nothing’s Changed
Angel Witch – S/T
Wipers – Is This Real?

We have STYLE???!?!??

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Evidently we kind of do. Kind of.
We are in the new INDIE STYLE MEDIA CALENDAR. Of course, we got October – both of or birthdays, Halloween, hoodie weather, etc. Anyway, pick one up.

Click here to check it out!
Check it out. A lot of the photos are of Filipino models.

In other news, we shot the horse known as The Sunday Shakes. It was fun, but we are moving in new directions.

And in other news, retro-powerviolence-revival is still lame. Buy the Cannomen 7″ instead.

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Veteran TV stars SONIC YOUTH will be appearing on Gossip Girl. Evidently they will do an acoustic jam for “Starpower”, ironically. Thurston covered “Sheena is a Punk Rocker” on the show’s first season.

I just scored a copy of the IGGY POP & JAMES WILLIAMSON Kill City LP (Bomp!) on green wax for $9.00. Special thanks to Noah Tyrannosaurus Copter for the heads-up on it.

Evidently Wes Eisold is in that band COLD CAVE that I hyped up earlier this week. He says we have an LP on the way. Expect those tracks to be worked into a set really soon.

Here’s the line-up… Get the $50 GOLDEN WEEKEND PASS. Yeah – THE CLEAN cancelled.
Cheater Slicks (Columbus, OH)
Compulsive Gamblers (Memphis, TN)
Reatards (Memphis, TN)
Box Elders (Omaha, NE)
Ty Segall (San Francisco, CA)
Thee Oh Sees (San Francisco, CA)
Magnetix (Bordeaux, France)
Nobunny (Bunnyland, US)
Tirefire (New Orleans, LA)
Intelligence (Seattle, WA)
Cococoma (Chicago, IL)
Earthmen & Strangers (Tempe, AZ)
Davila 666 (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
Sonic Chicken 4 (Perpignan, France)
Hunx & His Punx (San Francisco, CA)
Magic Kids (Memphis, TN)
Shitty Beach Boys (Austin, TX)
De Høje Hæle (Denmark)
Mig & Min Ven (Denmark)
Fresh & Onlys (San Francisco, CA)
A Burning Bus (Ashville, NC)
Loose Diamonds (New Orleans, LA)
Thomas Function (Huntsville, AL)
Mantles (Oakland, CA)
Useless Eaters (Memphis, TN)
Teenage Whoremoans (Philadelphia, PA)
River City Tanlines (Memphis, TN)
White Wires (Ontario, Canada)
Tampoffs (Boston, MA)
Overnight Lows (Jackson, MS)
Yusuf Jerusalem (France)
Gentleman Jesse & His Men (Atlanta, GA)
Msr Jeffrey Evans (Memphis, TN)
King Louie One Man Band (New Orleans, LA)

It’s hard to keep cool in this Tennessee heat…

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If you’re into dark, synth-driven pop music (which is a no-brainer for the two of us) you need to listen to my new jams. It’s called COLD CAVE and you need to get down with it.
Also, if you missed sunday night’s party at the Blackbird Gallery, here’s a few shots of the good times you missed (courtesy of the good people at Blackbird.)











That should teach you to never mis a CWS endorsed event…